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A Primer on VMware vRealize Automation

How IT Automation Plays a Vital Role in Accelerating IT Services

Responding to the Pervasive Need for Agility in IT

Nowadays, delivering IT services quickly is a pressing concern, especially given the emphasis businesses and organizations are placing on their IT staff to deliver value. With the software-defined approach to data centers comes an increased demand for eliminating time-consuming, manual processes. When IT departments are empowered with agility, it becomes possible to replace manual processes with automated workflows, resulting in speedier provisioning and delivery of IT services.

DevOps is being embraced rapidly too, and it requires a considerably accelerated process for application development. In turn, IT departments have to figure out ways to build an automated, collaborative workflow across both infrastructure and applications.

How vRealize Automation Accelerates IT Services

vRealize Automation is a tool that enables VMware customers to automate the deployment of a set of VMs, or a blueprint of the way a particular set of VMs should be deployed, and seamlessly integrates with other VMware products to maximize automation potential. For instance, it integrates easily with NSX, enabling the ability to create networks through automation for a particular blueprint. Switching, routing, load balancing, and firewalls can be deployed reliably for a standardized, preconfigured blueprint for a collection of VMs that make up the infrastructure for an application.

“It’s a tool that enables IT professionals to organize and create repeatable, reliable schemes for delivering IT resources on demand.”
-Ron Flax, CTO, August Schell Enterprises

VMware vRealize Automation ultimately gives IT the power to fast-track the provisioning and delivery of IT services, across infrastructure, containers, applications and custom services. With its extensible framework, you can easily streamline and automate lifecycle management of IT resources, whether services are run on private, public, or hybrid cloud. vRealize Automation does not limit you to particular clouds or vendors, and ensures services are delivered with precision, speed, and high performance.

What vRealize Automation brings:

· Infrastructure lifecycle management: Manage infrastructure resources from a single solution throughout their entire lifecycle, including initial deployment, resizing, reclamation, and retirement.

· Cross cloud IT automation: Supports workload provisioning and deployment both on premises and in public clouds with unified governance and management.

· Integration with IT ecosystem: Extend automation across your IT ecosystem by integrating with prevailing third-party tools through a full spectrum of extensibility options.

· Service delivery automation: Automate the provisioning of all infrastructure components, including compute, network, storage and security resources.


Want to Know More About vRealize Automation? August Schell Can Help!

vRealize Automation is a powerful tool in the age of the Software-Defined Data Center. Bringing IT automation to the table allows you to deploy IT services that once required a significantly lengthier, physical process rapidly, and across a multi-vendor, multi-cloud infrastructure.

Curious about how vRealize Automation can take your business to the next level? It’s available as part of the vRealize Suite, Advanced or Enterprise Edition. It can also be purchased as a standalone product. August Schell can help identify what will work best for your needs, and we can also provide professional services to assist your organization with designing, deploying and managing IT solutions that use vRealize or other VMware products. Get in touch with us today, or call us at (301)-838-9470.


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