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January 3

Cloud Backups: An Introductory Cloud Use Case Worth Considering

A Brief Intro on Backing Up to the Cloud

Backups as a Segue into the Cloud

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January 1

Cyber Hygiene Versus Cyber Resiliency

What is the Difference Between Cyber Hygiene and Resiliency, and Why Are They Important?

How We Arrived at Today’s Perspective on Cybersecurity

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October 4

About the Splunk Add-On for Google Cloud Platform

Why Current Splunk Users Using GCP Should Check out the Add-On

What is the Splunk Add-On for Google Cloud Platform?

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July 12

Better Together: Splunk and Palo Alto Networks

A Combined Solution for Advanced Threat Protection, Security Information and Event Management

An Increase in Targeted Attacks

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June 26

VMware Cloud on AWS GovCloud

VMware Cloud on AWS GovCloud is the “easy button” for migrating workloads to a FedRAMP authorized cloud for government.

For about a year now, VMware...

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May 24

The Evolution of Virtualization, Servers and Containers

How Virtualization Led to Container and Serverless Technology

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May 10

Why You Keep Hearing About Blockchain

Blockchain Technology: What It Is (and Isn’t)

Blockchain vs. Cryptocurrency

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May 3

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Key to Today’s Software-Defined Data Center

How HCI Increases Efficiency, Reduces TCO and Makes Scaling Easy

Hyper-converged Infrastructure Dominating the Data Center

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April 12

Effectively Protecting Digital Assets with Microsegmentation

How Microsegmentation Keeps Security Up to Date

The Digital World Descends: Securing Traffic from East to West

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April 3

What is FedRAMP?

What FedRAMP Means for Agencies and Cloud Providers

What is FedRAMP, and Why Does it Matter?

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