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VMWare NSX-T: ESXi and KVM

VMware NSX has brought virtualization to the physical network just as vSphere brought virtualization to server datacenter environment.  NSX provides the ability to create multi-tiered networks for one or multiple tenants with the ease and flexibility as creating a VM in your vSphere environment. 

This unprecedented technology allows network engineers to deploy or remove networks in minutes to hours as compared to the days, weeks, or even months of physical network infrastructure changes required in today’s physical network topologies.  This, combined with the security of micro-segmentation, which allows firewall rules to be implemented at the VM vnic level, provides robust security to east-west traffic that is not present in todays datacenter networks.

Until recently, VMware offered NSX in two variations; NSX-v exclusively for the ESXi hypervisor, and NSX-MH for a multiple hypervisor environments.  VMware is now offering NSX-t, which provides a one code based platform to support both ESXi and KVM hypervisors.  This has brought the benefits of a Software Defined Network to a multi-hypervisor environment without the need to purchase and deploy two versions of the NSX platform.  VMware continues to bring innovation and scalability to todays Software Defined Data Center as well as Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud environments.