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August 16

Why Hire an August Schell Engineer?

A Shameless Guide to the Benefits of Our Engineering Expertise

Why Do You Need a Partner to Support Your IT Initiatives, Anyway?

You need a...

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August 9

How Cybersecurity is Changing Our Federal Government

How the Government is Shifting to Adapt to Cybersecurity Demands

Cybersecurity in the Federal Government: from Standard Random Viruses to Targeted...

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March 29

Splunk for Government Security

Using Machine Data to Safeguard the Federal Government

Colossal Amounts of Data in a Variety of Large Environments

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January 18

How to Get Started with Cybersecurity

When it Comes to Cybersecurity, Fancy Gadgets Aren’t the Place to Start -  People, Policy and Procedure are Key

I Need Security and I Need it NOW!

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December 14

Single Site/Multisite Clusters for Splunk Disaster Recovery

Recently, I had an inquiry come in from a fellow consultant about setting up a disaster recovery site for a customer.

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December 11

Women in Tech: Why Women Should Take Over CyberSecurity

Unless you’ve spent the last two months hiding under a rock, you’ve very likely noticed the growing awareness of sexual assault and harassment...

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October 26

An Unstable Index Cluster and How to Fix It with Splunk

Buckets of Tears from the Index Tier: When out of the box Configs don’t cut it

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October 5

Replacing Your Legacy SIEM With Splunk Enterprise Security

Out With the Old, In With the New: Why Legacy SIEMs Aren’t Adequate in Today’s Threat Environment

The Subtle Indicators of a Security Event

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