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July 19

What is Splunk and Should I Be Using It?

Why Today’s Business Environment Calls for a Tool Like Splunk

Why Do You Need a Tool Like Splunk?

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February 8

Always Architect Demos & Proofs of Concept for Production Use

One thing I learned very, very early in my professional career is that there is no such thing as a "Proof of Concept.” You can setup software on...

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January 25

Bringing A Central View of Your Entire Environment into Focus

You have automated routine builds - new servers and desktops are deployed in minutes through cloud services, VDI, and build servers. Software is...

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November 30

On Passwords and Passphrases - Complexity, Length, Crackability, and Memorability - and Data Breaches

There is a lot of conflicting advice about passwords and passphrases out there. Length (minimum & maximum), complexity, whether or not to use 2FA/MFA...

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