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Staying On Top Of Your IT Organization’s Health with a vSphere Optimization Assessment

How to Save Up to 30% on CPU, Memory and Storage

Keeping IT Health and Performance High with the vSphere Optimization Assessment

Have you heard of VMware’s vSphere Optimization Assessment (VOA)? It’s a great way to stay on top of your IT organization’s health. Here’s how it works: essentially, vRealize Operations Manager is installed, configured, and pointed to your vCenter (or vCenters, if you have multiple). The longer you allow it to run, the greater the benefits. vRealize Operations Manager works to figure out what’s going on within your vSphere environment and provides a dashboard view that proactively informs you of:

  • Capacity utilization
  • Potential to run out of disk space
  • What you’re on track to utilize or over utilize
  • Whether you’re oversubscribed on CPU and network
  • Configurations that are out of compliance or best practices

Essentially, you receive a comprehensive list of recommendations for improving the configuration and performance of your virtualization environment.

Why Get a VOA?

Besides the above…

  • Take advantage of capacity monitoring analytics for compute, network, and storage to maximize utilization while automating reclamation.
  • Identify and remediate issues with predictive analytics and smart alerts proactively.
  • Optimize your resource utilization through a single unified console.

Ultimately, you’ll stay ahead of virtualized data center management activities, from health and performance to capacity management, which means better efficiency, performance, and availability before issues arise.

VOAs have flexible timeframes, too. Configuration reports can be completed within 1 day, performance reports can be completed within 1-3 days for less dynamic environments, and capacity reports can be completed within 3-30 days.

Ready to Optimize Your vSphere Environment? August Schell Is Your Go-to.

Want analytic reports that assess the configuration, performance, and capacity of your vSphere environment? Get a VOA. It’s a great way to stay on top of your virtualized data center and catch potential issues before they cause problems. If you’re interested in getting a vSphere Optimization Assessment, August Schell’s professional services team is here for you. Connect with us now, or call us at (301)-838-9470.

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