Thought Leadership

April 8

Splunk Remote Work Insights (RWI)

Keeping mission critical systems operational and secure during a surge in Remote Workforces with Splunk RWI

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January 17

Managing Privileged User Rights with Multifactor Authentication and the Law of Least Privilege

Locking the Backdoor…Achieving Strong Privileged User Authentication Through PKI and F5

Increasing Prevalence of Phishing Attacks

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January 10

How Splunk and Symantec Can Work Together

A Brief Rundown on Symantec

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January 3

Cloud Backups: An Introductory Cloud Use Case Worth Considering

A Brief Intro on Backing Up to the Cloud

Backups as a Segue into the Cloud

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January 1

Cyber Hygiene Versus Cyber Resiliency

What is the Difference Between Cyber Hygiene and Resiliency, and Why Are They Important?

How We Arrived at Today’s Perspective on Cybersecurity

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December 14

10 Ways to Prevent a Data Breach

Preventative Security Tips and Tricks

From Security Reactivity to Proactivity

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December 4

Introduction to Phantom

How Phantom Can Increase Your Security Posture

Introducing: Phantom. What Is It, and What Does It Do?

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December 3

Three Tips for Automating Workflows with CloudBolt

Making the Most of CloudBolt Workflow Automation Capabilities

Why CloudBolt is a Great Tool for Automating Workflows

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November 28

All About Automation and Simplification

Why Automation and Simplification Are Needed in the Digital Era

A Call for Automation and Simplification in the Digital Era

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October 18

Phantom as a Case Management System

Using Phantom to Understand the Value of Thorough Security Case Management Over Business Metrics

Heard of Phantom? Here’s a Quick Primer.

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