Thought Leadership

February 15

Staying On Top Of Your IT Organization’s Health with a vSphere Optimization Assessment

How to Save Up to 30% on CPU, Memory and Storage

Keeping IT Health and Performance High with the vSphere Optimization Assessment

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February 8

Always Architect Demos & Proofs of Concept for Production Use

One thing I learned very, very early in my professional career is that there is no such thing as a "Proof of Concept.” You can setup software on...

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Understanding the Risk Management Framework

Mandated and Required to Help Protect Your Data

We live in a digital era where organizations rely on Information Systems to process and store data...

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February 1

Cryptocurrency Security Issues

With the rise in value of Bitcoin (currently $10701.69 / BTC as I write this) the interest in cryptocurrency has never been higher. One of the...

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January 25

Bringing A Central View of Your Entire Environment into Focus

You have automated routine builds - new servers and desktops are deployed in minutes through cloud services, VDI, and build servers. Software is...

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January 18

How to Get Started with Cybersecurity

When it Comes to Cybersecurity, Fancy Gadgets Aren’t the Place to Start -  People, Policy and Procedure are Key

I Need Security and I Need it NOW!

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January 11

I’ve Got Data, Now What Do I Do with It? 5 Ways to Use Splunk for Security

Converting Machine Data into Practical Security Insights

From Machine Data to Security Insights with Splunk

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January 4

Why VMware Horizon Leads the Way as the Preferred Platform for VDI

How a Single Platform for Virtual Desktops and Applications Can Transform a Business

Leaving Desktop Computers Behind in the Mobile Cloud Era

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December 14

Single Site/Multisite Clusters for Splunk Disaster Recovery

Recently, I had an inquiry come in from a fellow consultant about setting up a disaster recovery site for a customer.

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December 11

Women in Tech: Why Women Should Take Over CyberSecurity

Unless you’ve spent the last two months hiding under a rock, you’ve very likely noticed the growing awareness of sexual assault and harassment...

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