Thought Leadership

November 1

Cyber Hygiene Versus Cyber Resiliency

What is the Difference Between Cyber Hygiene and Resiliency, and Why Are They Important?

How We Arrived at Today’s Perspective on Cybersecurity

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October 25

Cloud Backups: An Introductory Cloud Use Case Worth Considering

A Brief Intro on Backing Up to the Cloud

Backups as a Segue into the Cloud

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October 18

Phantom as a Case Management System

Using Phantom to Understand the Value of Thorough Security Case Management Over Business Metrics

Heard of Phantom? Here’s a Quick Primer.

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October 11

All About Automation and Simplification

Why Automation and Simplification Are Needed in the Digital Era

A Call for Automation and Simplification in the Digital Era

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October 4

About the Splunk Add-On for Google Cloud Platform

Why Current Splunk Users Using GCP Should Check out the Add-On

What is the Splunk Add-On for Google Cloud Platform?

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September 27

How the Government Leverages Big Data

Big Data Use Cases in the Federal Government

The Rise of Big Data in Government

There’s a reason big data has become such a widespread initiative...

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August 23

Splunk Your House: How an August Schell Engineer Monitors His House

Splunk Tells Us What’s Going on When We’re Not Home

Why I Splunked My House

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August 20

August Schell Named NASA SEWP V Contract Holder

Rockville, MD. – August 20, 2018 – August Schell is excited to announce that NASA SEWP V contract NNG15SD80B has been novated to August Schell...

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August 16

Why Hire an August Schell Engineer?

A Shameless Guide to the Benefits of Our Engineering Expertise

Why Do You Need a Partner to Support Your IT Initiatives, Anyway?

You need a...

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August 15

Conquering Systems Management & App Deployment with Ansible by Red Hat

How Ansible Eliminates IT Complexity with Automation

Enabling Automation Capabilities with Ansible by Red Hat

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