Thought Leadership

August 14

August Schell Named Gold Tier Unity Partner by F5 Networks

Rockville, Md. - August 14, 2018F5 Networks announced that August Schell has been promoted to the Gold tier of the F5 UNITY Partner Program.

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August 9

How Cybersecurity is Changing Our Federal Government

How the Government is Shifting to Adapt to Cybersecurity Demands

Cybersecurity in the Federal Government: from Standard Random Viruses to Targeted...

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August 2

Introduction to Phantom

How Phantom Can Increase Your Security Posture

Introducing: Phantom. What Is It, and What Does It Do?

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July 19

What is Splunk and Should I Be Using It?

Why Today’s Business Environment Calls for a Tool Like Splunk

Why Do You Need a Tool Like Splunk?

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July 12

Better Together: Splunk and Palo Alto Networks

A Combined Solution for Advanced Threat Protection, Security Information and Event Management

An Increase in Targeted Attacks

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June 28

What is IT Modernization, and Why Should I Care?

Tackling IT Modernization End-to-End

What is the Meaning of IT Modernization?

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June 26

VMware Cloud on AWS GovCloud

VMware Cloud on AWS GovCloud is the “easy button” for migrating workloads to a FedRAMP authorized cloud for government.

For about a year now, ...

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Why Should I Upgrade? The Importance of Keeping IT Up-to-Date

Keeping IT Current, from both Software and Hardware Perspectives

Are You an IT Manatee, or an Electric Eel? Depends On Whether You Keep IT...

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June 7

How to Use Splunk to Track Your Phone Logs

Splunking Your VoIP

Gaining visibility into VoIP Phone Logs for U.S. Embassies

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3 Tips for Threat Hunting with Splunk

Staying Proactive in Your Security Strategy via Threat Hunting

Differentiating Threat Hunting from Incident Response, and How Splunk Can Help

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